Author: george

Paper World

Unfolded: Paper in Design, Art, Architecture and Industry outlines the many possible uses for a well-known material.

A Lotta Zaha

Two new monographs, both called Complete Works, present 30 years of Zaha Hadid's genre-defying architecture.

Sheds Will Roll

New York's ubiquitous sidewalk sheds are poised to receive a much-needed makeover this fall.

Another BIG Win

The Urban Land Institute recognizes Blarke Ingels Group's ambitious Mountain Dwellings.

OMA Opens Up to Bangkok

Ole Scheeren's MahaNakhon project uses an irregular, exposed facade to reduce the 77-story skyscraper's natural insularity.

Pucci Shows Off

A new book documents fifteen years of furniture and art (and mannequins) from the New York gallery Ralph Pucci International.