Jade Chang

Hope Flows

Fantini draws upon its legacy to right a small part of the world’s water inequalities.

Form is Function

If eco-guilt can’t cure Americans of wantonly tossing plastic water bottles—we use more than 30 billion a year—then maybe we’ll be saved by style. And smarts. Enter the Square bottle, with its stainless steel walls, ergonomic handle, and top and…

Dual Mode

An elegantly restored research library at UCLA brings the analog and digital worlds together.

Goodwill Mission

The designer Sami Hayek travels to remote villages in Mexico, engaging with local artisans to create a stunning new collection— and help preserve a way of life.

Mixing It Up

Working with a rotating group of artists and designers, the L.A.-based firm Commune relies on a gritty authenticity to create beautiful artifice.

Behind the Scenery

It took a staggering number of animators, puppet makers, set builders, and art directors to bring the feature film Coraline to life in stop-motion. Along the way, they proved that this lo-fi approach to animation is a sophisticated feat of design.

Bringing Design to the Getty

The head of Getty’s new Department of Architecture and Design talks about the institute’s extensive collection, its future, and unrealized Southern California design.

Ultimate Collector

Eli Broad wields his vast fortune like a blunt instrument—buying art, hiring architects, and shaping L.A. through a mix of civic vision and force of will.

A Table to Go

Last year, when Heath Ceramics owners Cathy Bailey and Robin Petravic took the train from New York to California with their three-year-old baby, they brought along two of the enduring Sausalito company’s plates and a bowl. “It’s so much nicer…

Custom Cuts

Rudy’s Barbershop–a West Coast mini-chain with national aspirations–may have a formula for growth that satisfies a new generation’s thirst for authenticity.

Coming Together

The team of designers behind a Noah’s ark gallery in Los Angeles reflects the values of the Old Testament story.

Model Timeline

At Gehry Partners model making is a kinetic process. “When Frank and I work together,” Craig Webb explains, “he’ll do a sketch, I’ll do a model, he’ll do a sketch, I’ll do a model.” For IAC the process began with…

WeSeeYou@ICFF—Stephanie Forsythe

Stephanie Forsythe/molo, 36, designer/maker/architect What are you doing here at ICFF? We’re here for the 4th time. We’ve kind of grown up here. The first show we came to, our first year, we only had a teapot. This year it’s…

WeSeeYou@ICFF—Kathrin Eirich + Arne Zimmermann

Kathrin Eirich/Eirich and Friends, 30, Interior Architect Arne Zimmermann/Pablo’s Birthday, 39, Gallery Owner What are you doing here at ICFF? KE - …looking at furniture! AZ – I’m her assistant. She looks at furniture and I write down what she…

WeSeeYou@ICFF—Genevieve Grenier

Genevieve Grenier/Age Design, 30, Industrial Designer What are you doing here at ICFF? We’re launching our first project, it’s a high chair. We had a baby, and we had one of those big chairs, we called them SUV chairs. They’re…

WeSeeYou@ICFF—Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon, 47, Designer What are you doing here at ICFF? It’s time to take America seriously. It’s always been strangely remote for me, but it feels like a good moment now—maybe people are getting tired of Italian design and…

WeSeeYou@ICFF— Maloos Anvarian

Maloos Anvarian, 48, Interior Designer What are you doing here at ICFF? I’m looking at products just to see what’s new. And I’m looking for some things for our showroom in San Francisco. Have you seen anything that you love?…

WeSeeYou@ICFF—Jay Urban

Jay Urban, 24, Industrial Designer What are you doing here at ICFF? Presenting with Rick Lee. It’s our first time here – we’re based in San Francisco – and I actually just started working with the company. What was your…

WeSeeYou@ICFF—Yves Behar

Yves Béhar, 40, Designer What are you doing here at ICFF? I’m launching a bench with Bernhardt, we have a booth for the CCA students, and there’s a chair for Design Within Reach. Have you seen anything that you love?…

WeSeeYou@ICFF—Liz Kinmark + Kegan Fisher

Liz Kinmark, 21, Independent Designer + Kegan Fisher, 21 Independent Designer What are you doing here at ICFF? LK – We’re hoping to get feedback on our stuff, and hopefully some stores will pick it up. KF – Our line…

The Craft Master

The houses of Sam Maloof are testaments to the furniture maker’s illustrious half-century-long career.

Local Color

Rios Clementi Hale Studios creates an L.A.-centric headquarters for a California nonprofit.

Paying Proper Homage

A Modern preservationist and the original architect of his 1950s house collaborate on a new landscape that honors the spirit of the past without slavishly reproducing it.