Author: Jennifer Kabat

Murray’s Next Act

Moss—impresario, provocateur, and inventor of the store-as-museum concept—is the retailer most responsible for transforming Soho and taking high-end design mainstream. Now he embarks on a new adventure. Moss, the iconic shop, is gone. In its place, Moss Bureau, the consultancy. Here, he talks about his decision to “kill” his beloved store and reinvent the brand as a showcase for the gloriously messy business of design.

The Cost of Convenience

In a heroic effort to source and fabricate each part of an everyday appliance himself, Thomas Thwaites produces the world’s most expensive toaster.

The Beauty of Numbers

Inspired by his work with influential architects, Cecil Balmond searches for that exquisite blend of structural form and structural logic.

Objects of Affection

Although he has created a dizzying array of products, Ross Lovegrove (a.k.a. “Captain Organic”) has his sights set on bigger issues.

Master of All Scales

Antonio Citterio has designed everything from sofas to high-rise condos, but don’t expect a signature style or a grand overarching theory.

Jonathan Ive: Product Design

“I don’t ever talk about this,” says Jonathan Ive, attempting to describe the deep working relationship his team has developed over the years. “I don’t think anyone would understand.” As head of design at Apple, he is arguably the most…

Tending The Herd

At a farm in rural Holland, Claudy Jongstra raises sheep, revives the ancient art of felting, and creates singular textiles.