Author: John Hockenberry

Cities of the Imagination

The building boom in the Middle East– spearheaded in large part by Western design firms–is the latest chapter in that region’s centuries-old struggle between its cultural identity and its utopian dreams.

Case Study

Fellow wheelchair user Ralf Hotchkiss taught our author the importance of local resources, the value of low-tech, and the true meaning of sustainability.

The 100-Year Home

The New York Times builds a glittering twenty-first-century headquarters—designed by Renzo Piano—that challenges the very notion of how a newspaper operates during a time of great uncertainty and rapid transformation.

Family Circus

In this third incarnation of Le Cirque, Sirio Maccioni and Adam D. Tihany resume a collaboration that has helped change the face of American dining.

Fear Factor

Designing in a post 9/11 world has forced architects and planners to revisit some basic tenets and beliefs.