Author: Julie Taraska

Vitra to Launch Home Furnishings Line

In a return to its roots, German furniture company Vitra is readying a new line of domestic furnishings, Vitra at Home. Available in Europe in October and the U.S. in January 2005, the debut collection includes new designs by Jasper…

Buying into New U.K. Design Talent

Disposable newspaper dresses, lights made out of sheep stomachs, barbed wire decorated with butterflies: is this the future of design? Yes, according to London’s Design Museum. “Design Mart,” an exhibit held from Sept. 23-26 in the museum’s new Space, featured…

New Urbanism at the NEA: A Q&A with Jeff Speck

As the NEA’s newly appointed Director of Design, Jeff Speck supervises the panel selection and grant-making process in design, as well as oversees the Mayors’ Institute on City Design and Your Town programs. Formerly the director of town planning at…

Permission to Move

Konstantin Grcic’s Pro chair takes a radical approach to classroom furniture, insisting that students can’t—and maybe shouldn’t—sit still for hours at a time.

The Sweet Spot

Lured by higher margins and lower entry costs, young American product designers are making a profitable discovery: creating lights might provide the best business model around.

Making the Cut

A breakout effort by two young Salvadoran designers lends fresh flair to Bernhardt Design’s Global Edition collection.

The New Look of Luxury

Flouting the five-star mentality, Rabih Hage designs a unique London hotel around the refreshing premise that the best experiences cannot be standardized.

Bending the Reeds

Eric Chan’s bamboo armchair is not only a tribute to his native country, it’s a primer on the physical properties of one of our most renewable materials.

Local Inspirations

The Campana brothers have created an engaging body of work that’s both global and deeply tied to their Brazilian roots.

Industrial Evolution

Established & Sons is proving that, contrary to popular belief, Britain still has the manufacturing capability to produce high-end furniture.

BarberOsgerby: The New Modernists

The names Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby may not be familiar, but chances are you’ve seen their work. As BarberOsgerby, the pair, which met in 1992 at London’s Royal College of Art, have created furniture for Cappellini and Isokon Plus,…

MoMA’s Safety Check

What does it mean to be safe? Does it mean wearing a Kevlar vest that can stop bullets? Or having a waterproof tarp to live under and a machine to locate unexploded land mines? Does safety mean Homeland Security, barbed…

Designers: Help Katrina’s Victims

While the first waves of aid have arrived for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, the disaster is far from over. It will be weeks before recovery and reconstruction efforts take root, and months before the area will be habitable again.…