Author: Julie Taraska

Greening Ground Zero—And Lower Manhattan

Imagine Lower Manhattan as a sophisticated network of pocket parks and green patches. Imagine Downtown’s forthcoming “Remembrance Garden,” dedicated to the victims of the Sept. 11th attacks, joined by efforts to celebrate the living—to improve residents’ health and quality of…

Illustrating Peace, One Idea at a Time

Is there a link between peace, sustainability, and design? Chen Design Associates (CDA) thinks so. The San Francisco-based firm has produced Peace: 100 Ideas (CDA Press), a Chicken Soup for the Soul for the Jenny Holzer generation. Through collages, illustrations,…

Along the Line

We can see how the former East and West Berlins have developed since the Wall was torn down, but what has been the fate of the former center, the line through which the Wall used to run? Below is evid