Karrie Jacobs

The Almighty Grid

Although today it seems as natural as air, Manhattan’s system of numbered streets is actually a visionary piece of urban planning.

Strange Bedfellows

An obscure zoning variance has allowed Occupy Wall Street protesters to camp out in a park owned by real estate developers.

Endless Talk

A new exhibition explores the great flow of information traveling between physical places and electronic ones.

All Carrot, No Stick

A proposed Senate bill contains some of the most progressive ideas in urban planning today. The catch? The legislation doesn’t quite mandate anything.

Screened Out

It took a trip to MIT’s new media lab to realize that the era of the computer screen may be over.

Wrapped Up

There’s a connection between the bag holding our columnist’s morning newspaper and the recent global climate summit.

Backdoor Tour

The curious route of the Las Vegas Monorail is the product of an equally bizarre planning and development process.


The recent restoration of the Darwin D. Martin House, in Buffalo, raises some vexing questions about authenticity.