Kelly McMasters

Born Again

At Modernlink’s ICFF booth, a chair of leather and steel spun slowly atop a slender pole. The display announced the return of Scimitar, a design that had been shelved for 22 years. A collaboration between architect Preben Fabricius, who died in 1984, and 75-year old Jørgen Kastholm, Scimitar was originally unveiled at the Copenhagen Museum of Industrial Arts in 1963….

Metropolis Conference Presents: The New and Notable Designs

Three talented young designers selected for the ICFF Studio—-a joint venture between ICFF and Bernhardt Studio—-as well as one designer exhibiting with the Industrial Designers Society of America are indisputably a lucky bunch. Handpicked by Metropolis editor in chief Susan Szenasy, they had the added good fortune to present their designs and be critiqued by industrial designer Yves Behar, rug-maker…