Laurie Manfra

Alvar’s Icon

On the occasion of its 70th anniversary, the company responsible for producing Aalto’s classic Savoy vase issues two new special editions.

Eco Chic

By branding her supermarket with boutique style, a young designer hopes to turn shoppers into accidental environmentalists.

Flash Light

For creative people in need of a flash of inspiration, Mark McKenna has created the Designer Emulation Kit, a little battery-powered light that mimics three iconic lamps—the Castigliones’ Arco, Richard Sapper’s Tizio, and Ingo Maurer’s Lucellino. For each version a small circuit board is CNC milled to create three stylized parts that the user snaps off a template, fits together,…


Artemy Lebedev was tired of relying on little stickers placed on the bottom right-hand corners of each key as he alternated between typing in the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. In response to the frustrations expressed by multilingual typists like himself, Lebedev—one of six art directors at the multidisciplinary Moscow-based design collective Art Lebedev—engineered Optimus, a versatile universal keyboard programmed to…

Mutant Form

For those who would like to dance in hyperspace, L.A.-based architect Hernan Diaz Alonso is constructing a spiny parallel universe for the “Warm Up” series that brings DJs and live bands to the courtyard of the P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center in Queens each summer. The title—SUR, after an Argentinean tango that poetically references “a large wall”—alludes to the fourteen-and-a-half-foot walls…