Author: michael

Early Bird

A new film on Herzog & de Meuron's Olympic architecture has its New York premiere.

Brand New Bag

A new happening at the New York design shop Kiosk asks for your tired, your poor, your huddled plastic bags.

Office Warfare

The YouTube video of an office worker snapping could be a shot across the bow for Michigan.

Inside Job

After six years under the guidance of Toshiko Mori, Harvard University's Graduate School of Design has a new chair.

Art Gone Bad

A museum in Massachusetts celebrates the best of the worst and they need your help.

Dog's Breakfast

It was gray all over New York City yesterday morning, except perhaps on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The latest splashy sculptures in Jeff Koons’s Celebration series make their debut at the museum today, and yesterday the…

More Songs About Buildings and Food

On Monday night, the specter of Goethe haunted New York’s Thalia Theatre, at Symphony Space, which hosted a program exploring the convergence of music and architecture. Organized by the composer Victoria Bond, Shaping Sound: Architects, Composers and Concert Halls featured…

Siteless, but Not Aimless

Imagine Learning from Las Vegas as illustrated by Chris Ware, and you'll get a sense of François Blanciak’s marvelously inventive new book, Siteless: 1001 Building Forms (The MIT Press, 2008). Blanciak, a French architect who has worked alongside Peter Eisenman,…