Author: Natalie

How Are Architects Responding to the Haiti Disaster?

Photo: Reuters/Eduardo Munoz, via Flickr In the aftermath of Haiti’s devastating earthquake, countless relief organizations have stepped up to provide immediate aid to the Caribbean nation. Architects and designers are contributing as well, and with good reason: Since much of…

Accessibility Watch: Play Time

This week’s Accessibility Watch is travelling south to Rutledge, Georgia. About 50 miles outside of Atlanta, it is home to Camp Twin Lakes, where children with serious illnesses and other life challenges can still enjoy the summer-camp experience, thanks to…

Finders Keepers

See more photos at New York City is one of the few places where it is socially acceptable, and even encouraged, to rummage through curb-side trash. There is no shame in this. All New Yorkers know someone who has…

Trashy Design

Some noteworthy designers help celebrate the 70th anniversary of a Danish waste bin.

The Future of Food?

If the winner of this year's Electrolux Design Lab competition is right, we'll be warming genetically engineered muscle cells in an aluminum cocoon.