Author: Peter Hall

Media Wall

As you enter the IAC Building, you might notice how the heads of people sitting in reception are dwarfed by a giant globe projected on a 20-foot-wide screen behind them, as if in some Barry Diller–esque restaging of the war…

Stolen Space

Two young New York architects turn a gritty East Village rooftop into a tranquil urban idyll.

Bursting Out

Using digital technology, architects Jeremy Edmiston and Douglas Gauthier break free from the conventional box that has long defined prefab houses.

San Jose’s Missing Soul

A recent electronic-arts festival drew stark attention to what a cluster of high-profile buildings had forgotten: the people who live there.

Next Phase: Asymptote 3.0

The day the $1.4 million Alessi flagship store was scheduled to open on Soho’s Greene Street, a dozen or so workers were still stomping over the freshly poured epoxy flooring, heaving a $14,000 La Marzocco espresso machine into its alcove,…

Jack’s Mixed Bag

Andy Spade’s new Soho store—a case study in subversive branding and calculated undesign—unseats all the conventional wisdom surrounding upscale retailing.

The Art of Dining

David Rockwell helped create the phenomenon of destination dining. Now his firm brings its unique brand of stagecraft to Nobu 57.

By The Numbers

Information—key to the Bloomberg empire—becomes an intrinsic part of the visual experience.

Indie Designer

In the wake of dwindling support from corporate partners, Don Chadwick continues his own blue-sky quest into new materials and forms.

Desktop Comet

Richard Sapper—designer of the legendary Tizio lamp—has created a new task lamp, the Halley, using LED technology.