Friday Links

Your social security could get more secure (at least design-wise)…and more.

Get to Know Me @ Archiprix – Espen Folgero + Matthew McFetrick

This international event seemed to be an opportune time to ask architectural students from around the world a few questions. Matthew McFetrick (left) + Espen Folgerø (right) Name/Age: Espen Folgerø/28 School/Location: Bergen School of Architecture, Bergen, Norway Course of Study: The program covers everything, it’s very eclectic Project Name: Deviational Space* Define your project in 15 (or so) words: Aiming…

Kanye West’s Design-Blog Faux Pas

When not producing, rapping, mixing it up with the paparazzi, or playing death matches of Connect Four with his celebrity friends, the world’s last Renaissance man, Kanye West, is blogging. About everything. On his site, there are categories you might expect to see (music, fashion, girls, cars) and several you might not (architecture, furniture, lighting). Not that I’m shocked by…

Friday Links

Acronyms unite! USGBC’s LEED, UK’s BREAM, and Australia’s Green Star to set standard metrics for green buildings…and more.

Friday Links

Norwegian architect and Pritzker Prize winner Sverre Fehn dies…and more news.