Stephen Zacks

Form Follows Performance

Course# Met126 This course is AIA/CES registered for 1LU/HSW/SD. Sustainability is no more a buzz word, it’s the backbone of your projects. High performance has become critical to architecture; new shapes emerge in the service of environmental responsiveness, high-tech efficiency,…

The Painted Building

For three decades Steven Holl has used watercolors—drawn each morning, before the deadlines kick in—as a springboard toward the creation of architecture.

The Good Life?

A survey of leisure activities on the New York waterfront leaves a lot to be desired—in particular, something to drink.

From the Notebook of Teddy Cruz

As architectural activists go, Teddy Cruz is a firebrand. His passionate sermons begin with the observation of injustices along the Tijuana–San Diego border, but in his broad geopolitical gloss, urban inequality divides along a global north-south axis associated with immigration…

Design After Franco

Delayed by decades of civil war and dictatorship, contemporary Spanish design is now a force to be reckoned with in the international furniture-and-lighting scene.

Exporting the Quad

Moore Ruble Yudell—and a handful of other top firms—is reshaping the university experience by creating, overseas, that uniquely American place: the college campus.

Lighting the Way

A series of stunning art installations, located in first-class and VIP lounges, enlivens the passenger experience at  London’s Heathrow Airport.

Made in the USA

Contrary to popular belief, American manufacturing jobs haven’t all been shipped over-seas. Utilizing better design and state-of-the-art technology, the sector has actually grown.

Bringing it Home

Localism is an American tradition that goes back pretty much to the Declaration of Independence: the right to make one’s own laws, to be self-governed, to pay taxes only as it benefits one’s community. It is in some ways a…

Vanishing Point

An architect best known for teaching and theory builds his first project—a Mies-inspired glass house—as a vessel for the disappearing self.

Beyond the Spectacle

Dubai’s insane rate of development is easy to misinterpret—even caricature—but the cliché obscures the city’s more serious ambitions.

Skyline of Tomorrow

If you don’t like the way Dubai looks today, wait a year or two—it’s changing fast. Here’s a selection of upcoming projects likely to have a big impact on the horizon.

The Global Contract

The raging, unregulated world economy is now one we all share. How we reconcile that with the threats facing us will be the moral and technological dilemma of our time.

A Healthy Obsession

With its focus on the patient experience and fierce dedication to green materials, Guenther 5 looks to remake the hospital paradigm.

The Magic Lantern

A masterful addition to the Nelson-Atkins Museum by Steven Holl Architects brightens the landscape of midtown Kansas City and pushes the limits for daylighting exhibition spaces.

The DNA of Science Labs

Can architecture help produce paradigm-shifting discoveries? A research center by Rafael Viñoly aims to find out what makes scientists—and the human mind—tick.

Great Plains Urbanism

The conservative, pragmatic Midwestern city of Omaha, Nebraska, institutes one of the country’s most progressive sets of urban-design standards.

Go Team!

HOK Sport’s Dennis Wellner describes his partnership with Peter Eisenman on the design of the new Arizona Cardinals stadium in Phoenix.