Stephen Zacks

Form Follows Performance

Course# Met126 This course is AIA/CES registered for 1LU/HSW/SD. Sustainability is no more a buzz word, it’s the backbone of your projects. High performance has become critical to architecture; new shapes emerge in the service of environmental responsiveness, high-tech efficiency, and people. German architect Stefan Behnisch is on the advance guard of the high performance movement. Learn what pushes him…

The Painted Building

For three decades Steven Holl has used watercolors—drawn each morning, before the deadlines kick in—as a springboard toward the creation of architecture.

The Good Life?

A survey of leisure activities on the New York waterfront leaves a lot to be desired—in particular, something to drink.

From the Notebook of Teddy Cruz

As architectural activists go, Teddy Cruz is a firebrand. His passionate sermons begin with the observation of injustices along the Tijuana–San Diego border, but in his broad geopolitical gloss, urban inequality divides along a global north-south axis associated with immigration between richer and poorer countries. His presentations could be boiled down to a protest against the imbalances created by the…