Author: Tess Taylor

Reality Check

­Architectural education meets urban poverty in a TV series based on a design-build program at Tulane University.

Cottage Industry

­With this month’s launch of a Web-based company, Brett Zamore hopes to do what no one in the market has done so far: deliver sustainable modern homes that live up to the promise of affordability.

Mission-Impossible Architecture

Often faced with complex, even contra­dictory, conditions, Leers Weinzapfel Associates makes an art of designing buildings that play nicely with their surroundings.

Designer Chairs for Cheap

After previewing a new line of chairs and bar stools to fanfare this spring, Jack Markuse assumed it would be easy to land floor space for his new company, Appoggi. But although the designs—by Richard Gluckman, Arquitectonica, SHoP, and others—were…