Inspirations in Design

For designers, color presents a world of possibility. This is especially true for interior designers, as understanding the way color affects a space is essential to creating rich and beautiful experiences. With this relationship between design and color in mind, we partnered with Benjamin Moore’s Century to launch a three-part video series entitled Inspirations in Design.

The videos present glimpses into the work of designers Antonino Buzetta, Villalobos+Desio, and Young Huh. They each tell a story about how the interior designers approach color in their process, and how choosing the perfect color can truly enhance a space.

Interior Designer Antonino Buzzetta on Taking Risks with Color

Villalobos + Desio Interior Design on Crafting Stories with Color

Interior Designer Young Huh on How Color Can Modernize A Space

Fresh Coat: Benjamin Moore’s New Century Collection

Benjamin Moore, North America’s premier paint and coatings brand, has brought products of innovation and beauty to the marketplace for more than 100 years. The company’s newest collection, called Century, builds upon this unparalleled legacy.

Created specifically with interior designers in mind, this group of 75 colors features their proprietary Soft Touch Matte Finish. Years of research led to the creation of this finish, which has a texture similar to a soft leather glove. This innovative finish not only highlights color, but also brings an added dimension to transform interior spaces. The formulation of the paint is so intricately balanced that it can only be made in small batches. Each can is produced in the same workshop, and then delivered pre-mixed and sealed to help guarantee true, rich hues.

Color for many designers is the starting point of any project, and they are always looking for unique palettes to work with. “Color is so important to me, it’s probably one of the most important things in designing a room,” says Young Huh, who specializes in residential and commercial interiors. After using the paint for a client’s bedrooms, Huh noted its tactile quality and depth. “ I love that it’s a really well edited collection. Century paints really captured the soft touch, that rich vibrancy of the colors.”

The New York-based duo of Villalobos Desio is known for masterfully mixing antiques and contemporary art, with an aesthetic inspired by a range of cultural influences. It’s no surprise then that their extensive resource library includes a variety of materials for inspiration. “We have fabric, we have tile, we have a little bit of everything,” notes Alberto Villalobos. And now they have added the Century collection to their design toolbox, particularly for its dimensionality and richness. “It adds another level of craftsmanship to a room,” adds Mercedes Desio. “It really brings it all together, the textures, the colors, the feel that it provides. All the things we look for when we design a space.”

Antonino Buzzetta, known for his eclectic style, uses strong tonal combinations to enhance each room he designs. Buzzetta was was so impressed by the Century line that he used it to paint his own apartment featuring a dark gray shade called Marcasite. “As an artist, I love the deep pigment that Century has to offer,” he explains. “Color transports you to a place; Marcasite reminds me of the cobblestone streets of London.”

With the Century range, design professionals and consumers can use color like never before, including mid-tones to dark shades. Based on natural elements like minerals, gemstones, spices, and plants, the color saturation achieved is unmatched by any other paint or lacquer. Says Buzzetta, “This amazing palette, a great spectrum of color that is rich and intense, speaks to me.”