Creative Deficiency

We spend more than $20 billion a year on the design and construction of new health-care facilities in the United States. And yet, from a design perspective, the vast majority of these projects are banal, at best. Why is the bar set so low for hospital design?

A Culture of Caring

Designing hospitals in the global marketplace requires the ability to blend state-of-the-art solutions with a sensitivity to local customs, rituals, and religions.

Debating the Value of Brutalist Architecture in Boston

Boston University School of Law Sert complex as seen from the Charles River upon its completion. In our previous post, the Owner/Occupant Perspective, we identified the push-pull issues between these two factions in renovating mid-twentieth century modern buildings. Here, we…

Q&A: Michael Rotondi on Sacred Spaces

Image courtesy of Michael Rotondi, Roto Architecture. Michael Rotondi, principal of RoTo Architecture, is well known for his architectural work and intellectual rigor. One area of his expertise is the design of sacred spaces. Curious about his thoughts on designing spaces…

Tracing Palladio in Peter Eisenman's Works

Close your eyes and imagine a villa. You know, one with carefully proportioned walls, perhaps balanced along a systematic floorplan. Maybe the elevation can fold onto the floor - or superimpose the walls and roof plans to the exterior facade…

New Berth

An addition encased in a nautical material reorients the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

Civic Waterfronts

Shimmering water stretches out before you. In the backdrop the city glitters and the stones whisper to the waves. A warm breeze blows through the trees while you, from your perch on a slab of granite, cool your heels in…

Revealing Details

As a “trigger happy” photographer, aided by the convenience of the digital camera revolution, selecting images from my extensive archives for an exhibit is a challenge. Most recently this challenge came when I was offered a show at a prestigious…