Stoking the Furness

Philadelphia played a large role in ushering in an age of modernism, and architect Frank Furness was a major part of the movement.

NJ Reports an Uptick in Residential Architecture

Philip S. Kennedy-Grant, FAIA, keynote speaker and principal at Kennedy-Grant While the American economy continues to slumber, one area of business in New Jersey is, optimistically, waking up. The architecture community is seeing a resurgence of growth in residential building,…

Places That Work: Mayan Temples

We get definite psychological benefits from feeling a sense of awe, so says recent research by Rudd, Vohs, and Aaker. Places that work can make us feel that rare emotion, as these researchers learned. In their study of people “who…

Moonrise Over Architecture

Design me a structure that is open to the sky, partially enclosed, all natural materials, fragile, permeable, no heat, no electricity, no plumbing...and only lasting 7 days. What? Simple structures, complex and rich with meaning can still be irresistible to…

Architecture for Bats

Bats are awesome. How could you not love something that uses echolocation, lives in caves, and is the only truly flying mammal? They also are really important to humanity. Bats fill a unique and important niche in our ecosystem, “one…

Bill Thomas: The Nursing Home Abolitionist

For decades the popular image of the typical nursing home has been one of confinement—a sort of hybrid hospital/prison. It features zonked-out old people tied to wheelchairs nodding off in long, featureless corridors or crying out for help from steel-framed…

A Culture of Caring

Designing hospitals in the global marketplace requires the ability to blend state-of-the-art solutions with a sensitivity to local customs, rituals, and religions.

Creative Deficiency

We spend more than $20 billion a year on the design and construction of new health-care facilities in the United States. And yet, from a design perspective, the vast majority of these projects are banal, at best. Why is the bar set so low for hospital design?