How We Design Inequality

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“Affordability Won’t Solve Housing Crisis. Public Housing Will.”
A Q&A edited by Samuel Medina

The American housing crisis is getting worse. The problem is not affordability, as most building developers would argue, but inequality, says a new report titled The Art of Inequality: Architecture, Housing, and Real Estate, produced by the Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture at Columbia University. Jacob Moore and Susanne Schindler, who edited the report along with Buell director Reinhold Martin, spoke to Metropolis editor Samuel Medina about architecture’s role in abetting inequality and the urgent need to revive the issue of public housing.

Learning Objectives
– Identify key reports from the The Art of Inequality: Architecture, Housing and Real Estate, written by Jacob Moore and Susanne Schindler
– Understand the role architecture plays in the production and reproduction of inequality
– Underline the connection between architecture and designing for wellness and fairness
– Analyze Mayor Bill de Blasio’s housing plan for New York City

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