Koolhaas Talks Art, Prada, & Preservation

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Q&A: Koolhaas Talks Prada
The Fondazione Prada in Milan is the apotheosis of OMA’s long-term collaboration with the Italian fashion house. The architects rehabilitated an old industrial complex for the purposes of Prada’s arts foundation. Pictured: An elevated balcony of the Podium, one of three new structures built by OMA at the Fondazione.

Learning Objectives
Learn how Koolhaas uses colors and textures to create a unique place.
–       Understand what makes Koolhaas’s approach to design and historic preservation connect with a local culture.
–       Find out what Koolhaas learned about connecting indoors with outdoors from Japan.
–       Learn what Koolhaas, not known for his sensitive connections between historic buildings and new architecture, is now discovering about a sensitive merging old and new in historic cities

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