On Michael Graves’ Place In Design History

For 1 LU|HSW, read an article on Michael Graves and answer questions on the architect's life, key works, and place within architecture and design history.

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Read the article with the following learning objectives in mind. Then download and complete the participant exercise form here.

Michael Graves
Upon Michael Graves’ passing in March, critics and commentators were quick to submit their favorite version of the architect-designer for dutiful tribute. These conflicting accounts varied in their degrees of generosity, but nevertheless gelled into a singular narrative. The young turk from Princeton (actually, Indiana) and artiest member of the New York Five was pitted against the indulgent Mannerist, then tragically deposed Postmodern father—only to be later redeemed by the thousands of products he designed for popular consumption.

Learning Objectives
-Hear different accounts on the life of Michael Graves.
-Learn about the work of a key figure in the architecture and design world.
-Learn about important moments and styles in design history.

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