The Long View: Urban Remediation through Landscape & Architecture

Course# Met124
This course is AIA/CES registered for 1LU/HSW/SD.

James Corner works at the point where landscapes, architecture, and planning intersect. His breakthrough work on projects like the High Line and Fresh Kills in New York are indicative of the challenges facing those who design and build cities in the 21st century. In the postindustrial metropolis, landscape architecture is uniquely able to tackle bioremediation, recovery, reuse, and preservation over long time-tables. Architects are catching on and subcontracting to landscape projects. The article “The Long View” from the November 2008 issue of Metropolis takes a deep breath of fresh air on this new form of design collaboration.

– Explain ways that landscape architects are picking up the mantel of traditional urban planners and describe how this is beneficial to both fields
– Discuss emerging notions of method and process in landscape architecture and their significance in the greater field of design
– Name at least three obstacles to building in our cities in the 21st century and explain how landscape architecture offers sustainable solutions
– Discuss how landscape comes from and grows with place and consider how this is applicable to the conversation on sustainable building today

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