A Captivating Plan to Capture Water in Las Vegas

For 1 LU|HSW, read an article about the Water Pore Partnership's plan to revitalize Las Vegas’s stressed water supply and answer questions about the multi-disciplinary firm and its work capturing water in arid climates.

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Read the article with the following learning objectives in mind. Then download and complete the participant exercise form here.

Water Pore Partnership
For architects, particularly American architects, Las Vegas is something of an enduring enigma, an absurdity that has to be confronted at some point or another. It looms there in the back of many a practitioner’s mind, or at least it does for those given over to self-aggrandizement or historical role-playing. The inflicted can blame Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, who polemicized the Strip’s cavalcade of infantile trappings and fuddy T-bone gigantism. But as four decades separate us from the quaint world ofLearning from Las Vegas, what is there left to glean from this incorrigible place?

Learning Objectives
-Learn about the work of an emerging firm that combines architecture, landscape and urban design.
-Learn about an innovative approach to capturing water in arid climates.
-Understand the importance of developing infrastructure.

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