The 7 Can’t-Miss Events and Topics We’ll be Covering at CES

Metropolis Magazine is heading to CES this January 8 – 10, bringing you the latest in smart cities, building technologies, VR, and more.
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Over 170,000 attendees are descending on Las Vegas for this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Metropolis will be among them. We’ll be providing real-time coverage of what the show has to offer, including cutting-edge smart city and building technologies.

We’re heading to CES because these technologies are shaping cities, architecture, and design like never before. Google is building its own smart city in Toronto, and while we can only speculate about some urban technologies now being tested, industry experts at CES will shine a light on what’s in store. Meanwhile, new 3D printing techniques are poised to revolutionize how designers translate ideas into reality even as virtual reality could change how we all see architecture.

Metropolis will be reporting from CES Monday, January 8 to Wednesday, January 10. You’ll be able to catch the latest coverage on our homepage, though updates, links, and live broadcasts will also be available on Facebook and Twitter (#MetropolisCES). What can’t you miss? We’ve compiled a list of hot topics, events, and happenings:

    1. LIVE from CES!
      We’ll be reporting live from the CES showroom floor via Facebook Live, speaking to representatives from Bosch, Ford Motor Company, the City of Las Vegas, and more—everyone who has a unique, insider perspective on how technology is reshaping transportation and the urban fabric.
    2. Working It Out
      Technology has already radically changed how we work, ushering in the rewards (and challenges) of open offices. The Tuesday panel “The Future of Work for both Humans and Machines,” which includes Bridget Karlin, chief technology officer and VP of IBM Global Technology Services, will discuss what’s next for tomorrow’s office.
    3. If You Build It…
      CES will feature more than 40 exhibitors specializing in 3D printing. We’ll be there on the showroom floor to show you the most important innovations.
    4. Get Smart
      It’s not just cities that are getting smarter—buildings are too. Executives from Amazon and Schneider Electric will be on hand for Tuesday’s panel, “Exploring Smart Buildings and Connected Infrastructure.”
    5. The National Stage
      Elaine Chao, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation, will be speaking on Wednesday about the future of transportation across the U.S. We’ll bring you up-to-date coverage on what she says.
    6. Safety First
      Also on Tuesday—with cities and companies collecting and storing more and more data, how can we safeguard all that information? A representative from the U.S. Department of Commerce will discuss the risks are and how to ameliorate them.
    7. Science Fiction Become Reality
      Lastly, on Wednesday we’ll be covering a panel featuring Parimal Kopardekar, the senior technologist of air transportation systems at NASA Ames Research Center. We’re not sure what predictions he’ll have for the future of transportation, but we hope it includes flying cars.

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