An ODE to NYC Pops Up Around the City

Launched by NYCxDESIGN, a series of posters on display around the five boroughs celebrate the city's resilience in the face of uncertainty.
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New York Style By Dr. Carol Bentel, on behalf of ICFF


When graphic designer Milton Glaser created the iconic “I Love New York” logo in in 1977, morale in New York City was at an all-time low. The city was facing bankruptcy, crime was on the rise, and infrastructure was crumbling. “Suddenly the city simultaneously got fed up and said, ‘It’s our city, we’re going to take it back, we’re not going to allow this stuff to happen,’” Glaser recalled in a 2003 interview with Believer magazine. “Part of that moment was this campaign.”

When Glaser himself passed away on June 26 this year, during another particularly low moment for New York City, it seemed like a portent. Here was another occasion that the city needed its creative leaders to remind New Yorkers of their strength and resilience.

Inspired by Glaser’s legacy, NYCxDESIGN launched An Ode to NYC, a citywide poster campaign where designers mark this moment with messages of love, hope, and rousing calls to action.

Many of the city’s design organizations participated by partnering with designers to produce posters on their behalf. These included Dr. Carol Bentel on behalf of ICFF, Harry Allen and Giona Maiarelli for Design Pavilion, Jon Santos on behalf of Independent Lodging Congress, Lora Appleton on behalf of Female Design Council, Manuel Miranda for AIANY/Center for Architecture, Rodolfo Agrella on behalf of WantedDesign, and Vincent Lin on behalf of IDSA NYC Chapter.

The campaign was supported by showrooms and design businesses who will be displaying the posters at their locations around the city. In addition, a number of independent retailers and restaurants will also carry the posters in solidarity with the campaign.

Starting October 7, limited numbers of the posters are available for purchase from Poster House, with all proceeds going to the Black Artists + Designers Guild. “Aligning with a non-profit is a critical component of the campaign,” says NYCxDESIGN program director Valerie Hoffman. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to unite the community and support our local businesses with the power of design and love.”

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