Secrets of Central Finland

We first wrote about the Helsinki-based design firm Company back in 2008, shortly after its founders, Johan Olin and Aamu Song, debuted their Top Secrets of Finland collection. The idea there was to commission traditional Finnish manufacturers to produce small runs of everyday products unique to the region. Now Company has expanded the line for the exhibition Secrets of Central Finland, on display at the Craft Museum of Finland until September 5. Check out more images of Olin and Song’s latest Finnish design finds after the jump.


Above and top: the Animals of Finland puzzle


This woven-leather shoe was made in a Finnish boot factory.


The Birch Bag is made of woven birch bark, with a woven goat-leather shoulder strap.


Here we see the ceramic Deer Tree.


The Mugstone is made of Finnish granite.


The Suomi Shoes’ felt uppers and rubber soles were made in two separate factories.


Finally, another cute wooden puzzle, manufactured in Joutsa, Finland

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