Connecting Design with Mixology

Photo courtesy of Potter Style

The wonderful world of cocktails has become even more fanciful thanks to Mrs. Lilien’s Cocktail Swatchbook, published by Potter Style. Blogger/stylist/designer extraordinaire, Kelley Lilien, has combined her repertoire of talent and taste to create the ultimate visual guide to the art of cocktails in the form of a swatch book. Recipes are organized into four different sections: blended cocktails, mixed cocktails, and punch-bowl cocktails. Patterns help visually classify the sections and make for a lovely display when fanned out. It’s quite a unique approach to recipe organization and nods to the connection between design and mixology.


Photo courtesy of Potter Style

Rather than the standard dull list, ingredients are shown as photographs (thoughtfully styled of course) for quick reference of what you’ll need to pick-up and what you might already have. With just a quick glance you also get a sense of each concoction’s taste. This visual presentation of recipes makes it not only an eye catching accessory to add to your bar, but also a non-intimidating entry into cocktail making for even the most novice host/hostess. Flipping through the pages gets you inspired to craft drinks and consider presentation details you might have overlooked or felt daunted by. It’s a wonderful bridge from traditional design to the culinary arts.

Lilien creates a world you want to slip away to, a world where everything you see, taste, and surround yourself with is carefully curated and designed for enjoyment.

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