Trend: Ornamental Minimalism

Kitchen and bath products are embracing the moment’s more-is-more take on modernism.
design kitchen bath trend ornamental minimalism

Patricia Urquiola for Laufen, Courtesy the designer and manufacturer

Kitchen and bath products are specially suited to modernism’s prescriptions, existing by definition to meet the most humble of everyday functions. But the persistence of stylistic flourishes—the flirtatious curve of a sink, the blooming bulb of a knob—is proof enough that we crave pleasure in the routine. A fresh crop of kitchen and bath designs meets in the middle, embodying a kind of ornamental minimalism.

Patricia Urquiola’s Sonar collection for Laufen, which debuted in Milan last year and officially launched in the United States in December, sets a clear tone for this aesthetic moment. It makes use of Laufen’s thin-walled SaphirKeramik, but embellishes the architectural restraint with a subtle three-dimensional relief, inspired by waves.

In this article, you’ll find similarly tailored profiles, free of formal excess, that have been softened by surface details, whether that be a texture or high-end finish—kitchen or bathroom versions of a mod shift dress rendered in brocade. Call it a quiet rebellion against the cold steel trends of a few years ago and a softening toward our daily human tasks.

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