NYCxDesign 2019: Preview Brooklyn’s Design Events and Destinations

Brooklyn, the city's most populous borough, is as much a draw during NYCxDesign as Manhattan.
 NYCxDesign 2019 Brooklyn Events

John Born, the ceramicist behind Humble Matter, builds sculptures and functional pieces whose minimalist color palettes and spare geometric forms explore texture and volume. They will be on display in Greenpoint at Greenpoint Hill, a gallery that specializes in handmade and locally produced art and design products. Courtesy the designer and the manufacturer

New York City is home to legions of artists, designers, and craftspeople, and arguably the city’s innovative, trendsetting core lies in the design studios of Brooklyn. The borough’s lively design culture is strongly influenced by its industrial past. When heavy manufacturing and shipbuilding industries along its waterfront dried up, they left behind sprawling, infrastructural architecture, like that of the Brooklyn Navy Yard and Industry City in Sunset Park, that is now proving to be a fruitful incubator for a new generation of designers, fabricators, and makers.

This year’s NYCxDESIGN highlights the diversity, quality, and breadth of design coming out of the borough with big events at its waterfront hubs: Brooklyn Designs (May 10–12) is held at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and Industry City hosts WantedDesign Brooklyn and the IC Festival (May 16–20). Here, small studios and inventive young designers take center stage, showing work across styles, materials, and typologies, and displaying the kind of playful, idiosyncratic creativity that flourishes when designers take risks.

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