Knot Expected: Elevating the Everyday by Windy Chien

December 6, 2018 @ 4:00 pm
Pulse Contemporary Art Fair Indian Beach Park
4601 Collins Avenue
Knot Expected: Elevating the Everyday by Windy Chien @ Pulse Contemporary Art Fair Indian Beach Park

Knots are a part of the fabric of our every day. Whether tying our shoe laces, untangling a necklace or ear phones, or putting the final touch on a bow-wrapped package, they are all around. This persistent presence of such a functional item ignited an interest and journey in artist Windy Chien to elevate knots from the functional to the beautiful.

The challenge and journey of expanding her knowledge and command of knots led Windy Chien to submerge herself in the ancient, nautical craft of knot making – learning a different knot each day for one year. Knots have become her language; a celebration of the intersection of aesthetics and functionality; a way to bring into the present an artform of the past.

By placing knots in new and unexpected contexts, they are transformed into something more than rope, something special, something that speaks. Blurring the lines between fine art and artful interior design, the knots remind us that even the smallest and most forgettable moments can be elevated into something unexpectedly beautiful and functional.

Sunbrella is pleased to present Knot Expected: Elevating the Everyday. Like Windy, we believe in and celebrate the bliss that is unleashed when beauty and functionality come together to create a new feeling and story. You can’t tie a knot without fabric, and that interwoven reality created the perfect synergy between Sunbrella and the art of Windy Chien.

The installation will be on view throughout Miami Art Week, December 6-9.