Tectura Designs

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At Tectura Designs, we help the world’s leading architects and designers turn big ideas into beautiful spaces. Our expertly crafted site furnishings, rooftop and on-grade pavers, custom precast concrete, terrazzo and terrazzo tile products have been made in America for more than 60 years.

That time-honored work established a commitment to quality and craftsmanship that architects and designers from around the globe continue to trust to bring dream visions to life. 

PO Box 1520 Wausau, Wisconsin 54402

Website: http://www.tecturadesigns.com/

Phone Number: wtile@wausautile.com


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Florim Ceramiche is today one of the key companies in the world for the manufacture of ceramic surfaces for all building, architecture and interior design requirements. Its historical leanings towards research and technological innovation and the superior professionalism of its collaborators have characterized and distinguished the company ever since it was founded.

152 Madison Avenue New York, New York 10016

Website: http://www.florim.it/en

Phone Number: 646-864-0078

Marvin Windows and Doors

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Based in Northern Minnesota, we are nationally renowned for helping to create visionary homes with outstanding presence. Family owned and operated for over one hundred years, you can feel the detail, dedication, and craftsmanship on everything that carries our name. For generations we’ve honed our craft, one that you will enjoy for years to come. 

P.O. Box 100 Warroad, Minnesota 56763

Website: http://www.marvin.com/marvin?brandsetting=marvin&utm_source=vanityurl&utm_medium=offline&utm_term=marvinwindows&utm_content=brand&utm_campaign=marvingeneral

Phone Number: 1-888-537-7828

Sonneman – A Way of Light

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Founded in 2003, SONNEMAN – A Way of Light is a tribute to contemporary lighting design as seen through the creative mind and lens of Robert Sonneman. From the late 1960's, Robert Sonneman pioneered modern lighting, making it an art form. World-renowned and acclaimed for clean lines and an alliance to form and function, Sonneman's award-winning pieces have been at the design forefront for over four decades. 

20 North Avenue Larchmont, New York 10538

Website: http://www.sonnemanawayoflight.com/index.php

Phone Number: 914-834-3600

Universal Textile Technologies

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 At Universal Textile Technologies, we are known in the industry as pioneers in using recycledand bio-based materials and state-of-the-art technologies to engineer and manufacture our high-performance carpet and synthetic turf backings. As members of the Bio-Based Product Coalition, the CARE Carpet America Recovery Effort and with more than 30 years of industry leadership, UTT is committed to providing the finest equipment, the latest technology, the most highly-trained people, and the highest performing products anywhere in the industry.

204 West Industrial Blvd. Dalton Georgia 30720

Website: http://www.universal-textile.com

Phone Number: Doug Giles

DuPont Corian

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Flowing, virtually seamless, organic shapes, bold effects of color and translucency—if it can be imagined, it can be created with DuPont™ Corian® solid surface. Since 1967, Corian® has offered homeowners, architects and designers a wide range of design choices and possibilities for aesthetic expression, and is available in a vast range of trendsetting patterns and tones, as well as your own custom-designed colors. In baths and kitchens and beyond, throughout homes and hospitals, restaurants, and public spaces, Corian® solid surfaces deliver high performance and outstanding aesthetics. A signature DuPont innovation.

974 Centre Road -CRP 730 / 5360-4 Wilmington Delaware 19805

Website: http://www.corian.com


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PORCELANOSA, a global leader in the innovation, design, manufacture and distribution of Tile, Kitchen, Bath, Hardwood, Krion Solid surface products and more. Porcelanosa offers the most advanced Tile, Kitchen and Bath products for both commercial and residential applications in both contemporary or traditional styles. Our large product offering will satisfy the needs of every project and budget.

600 Route 17 North Ramsey New Jersey 07446

Website: www.porcelanosa-usa.com

Phone Number: info@porcelanosa-usa.com

landscape forms

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For more than 40 years Landscape Forms has been producing site furniture and accessories that help designers and other clients create a sense of place in outdoor environments. We do it through integrated product collections, leading edge technology and great design. We partner with international designers, and we operate our business at a standard that has earned customer loyalty and leadership in our industry.

431 Lawndale Kalamazoo Michigan 49048

Website: www.landscapeforms.com

Phone Number: joyceb@landscapeforms.com


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Versteel is an extremely vertically integrated company that can use either its production capabilities or outside sources to meet the customer’s needs. Quality is controlled by being privately held with on-site ownership supervision. It is our belief that all of our employees can be responsible for the complete control of quality. Our breadth of products produced for Versteel, as well as many local manufacturers, allows for the ability to meet all requests in the contract table and chair industry.

2332 Cathy Lane Jasper Indiana 47546

Website: www.versteel.com

Phone Number: bschneider@versteel.com




New and exciting products are constantly being added and Artos is becoming an integral part of the supply chain for wholesale distributors, an essential showroom piece for retailers, a trusted source for designers and a treasured possession for homeowners. Artos – the art of style.

13305 B Street Omaha Nebraska 68144

Website: http://www.artos-westover.com

Phone Number: info@artos-westover.com

Armstrong Ceiling Systems

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Armstrong Ceiling Systems


Armstrong offers the broadest portfolio of ceiling and wall systems in mineral fiber, fiberglass, wood, metal, and translucent materials so you can turn your ideas to reality!

Website: http://www.armstrong.com/commceilingsna/

Phone Number: Cindy O'Neill

Flexform NYC

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Clean, unfussy lines, with elegant and adaptable solutions to living in comfort and style. Flexform is one of the most sought after and renowned furniture brands in Italy and around The World.

155 East 56th Street New York, New York 10022

Website: http://www.flexformny.com/

Phone Number: 212-355-2328

Artemide Inc.

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Artemide ranks as one of the world’s most prestigious contemporary lighting manufacturers. Founded in 1959 by Ernesto Gismondi in Milan, Artemide offers a wide selection of residential and contract lighting options that meet the needs of all lifestyles.

46 Greene Street, New York, New York 10013

Website: http://www.artemide.us/?page=main/index

Phone Number: 212-925-1588


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bulthaup is renowned worldwide of its architecture of living spaces. Architecture, innovation and precision are characteristic of the brand.

158 Wooster Street, New York, New York 10012

Website: http://www.bulthaup.com

Phone Number: commercial.sales@bulthaup.com

Molteni & C

Molteni is one of the principal Italian industrial groups in the furniture sector. It includes four leading companies in the sector: Molteni&C S.p.A. (home furniture), Unifor S.p.A. (office furniture), Dada S.p.A. (kitchen furniture) and Citterio S.p.A. (office and home furniture).

Via Rossini 50, 20833 Giusanno (MB), Italy

Website: http://www.molteni.it/

Phone Number: customerservice@molteni.it

Snaidero USA

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Snaidero's mission is to provide the Americas with the finest Italian furniture designs created by the world's foremost architects and designers, while maintaining the highest standards of customer service.

20300 S. Vermont Avenue, Suite 125 Torrance, California 90502

Website: http://www.snaidero-usa.com

Phone Number: 310.516.8499, sales@snaidero-usa.com


Luceplan was set up with the object of creating and producing interior and exterior lighting and to enhance the quality of living. Energy saving is therefore a top priority and cannot be confined to the ratio of lighting to energy consumption: it must embrace the environmental compatibility of our whole operation – from choice of materials to the manufacturing process, from product durability to product maintenance.If an object is to last, it needs to be beautiful as well as technologically sound. But a long-lasting product also offers better environmental compatibility and it outlives fashions.

49 Greene Street, New York, New York 10013

Website: http://www.luceplan.com

Phone Number: 212 966 1399, storeus@luceplan.com


Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/poliformusa

High End Italian Design | Systems and furnishings for any interior space. Made in Italy with love.

Website: http://www.poliformusa.com/

Phone Number: 1-888-poliform, info@poliformusa.com


We produce high quality, well-designed carpet tiles for the commercial market, while using fewer resources, generating less waste and actively decreasing our impact on the environment.

2859 Paces Ferry Road, Suite 2000, Atlanta, Georgia 30339

Website: http://www.interfaceglobal.com/

Phone Number: (770) 437-6800