10 Products from 2020 That Will Remain Relevant This Year

These recent releases address the needs of post-pandemic spaces by prioritizing cleanability, flexibility, and comfort.

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Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and other upheavals, there is no dearth of new creative solutions for architecture and interior design projects. Rather, the pandemic has heightened clients’ awareness of health and wellness, with many business leaders and workplace strategists acknowledging employee well-being as the key priority of 2021. This has resulted in a host of tailored solutions, ranging from physical distancing aids to easy-to-maintain fixtures.

While cleanability of surfaces is certainly a top consideration, it’s not the only or even most important way to ensure the wellbeing of the people who use a space. Acoustics and ergonomics are still vital criteria when selecting products, and everyone now recognizes the value of flexible and adaptable spaces. Even in the wake of a global health crisis, it is best to adhere to the basic principles of comfort and safety.

Here are 10 products from 2020 that will likely remain relevant this year and beyond.

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