Special Product Showcase Part 1: Design for the Transition

From outdoor seating to workstation separators and a modular conference room, these products can help with the eventual return to the workplace.

This sponsored content appears as a special section in our June 2020 issue.

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KOVA Modular Conference Room | kovaproducts.com

Across workplace, hospitality, and residential projects, designers and clients will have to collaborate over appropriate and necessary changes to ensure that people stay safe, healthy, and happy as the COVID-19 pandemic eventually eases up. Many A&D firms, CRE leaders, and others in the industry have been trying to study the shifts in commercial and residential interior design, so that we can all make the right decisions now in terms of supporting people wherever they might live and work in the future.

For the office as we knew it, one of the key variables will be density and footprint. HOK’s Global Workplace Survey: Returning to Work Amid COVID-19 found that 55 percent of companies are exploring strategies to reduce employee density within the workplace. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that offices will get smaller. “Office footprints will hold steady, with the impact of social distancing on density balancing with a lower headcount of people working in the office,” reports Cushman & Wakefield in its report, The Future of Workplace. In other words, same space, fewer people, further apart.

Here are a range of solutions that can aid the transition, not only easing the way out of lockdowns and shelter-in-place, but also helping you take advantage of everything our industry has learned from this experience.


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