Summer Product Showcase Part 1: Flexible, Cleanable Products to Support Wellbeing

A selection of new design products respond to the new normal, supporting health and wellness in a postpandemic world.

This sponsored content appears as a special section in our July/August 2020 issue.


Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia West Chester Pa

The need to distance socially should not preclude connectivity. Our screen, divider, and partitioning solutions achieve privacy without seclusion and are versatile and configurable. With nonporous surfaces, they are easy to clean and sanitize, allowing them to be used in any project. The panels divide physical spaces and create privacy based off of varying degrees of translucency, while also maintaining a delightfully connected whole by distributing and maximizing ambient light. (313) 872-6314 | @sensitilesystems |

In the new normal, we are all keenly aware of the need for flexible, cleanable products that support good health and wellbeing. Here are some products from leading manufacturers that offer great aesthetics and functionality while also being sensitive to the needs of a postpandemic world.


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