Watch DesignTV by SANDOW, Including Digital Programming from Metropolis

SANDOW offers exclusive digital video programming Monday to Thursday every week, from all its design brands. Tune in!

DesignTV by SANDOW features exclusive content from SANDOW design brands, including Interior Design, Luxe Interiors + Design, Metropolis, and NYCxDESIGN. Programming airs Monday-Thursday starting at 1 pm ET.


See below for a full programming schedule (dates, times, and programming subject to change).

Monday 4/12

1:00-1:15pm ET: Luxe Interiors + Design’s  “Location Luxe: Central Cost of California,” with Chris Richardson, hosted by Alan Canas, produced in partnership with REALM, sponsored by Alan Canas Realty and Chris Richardson of Richardson Properties 

1:15-1:22pm ET: “Imagine a Place: Angie Lee & The Evolution of Identity,” presented by OFS

Tuesday 4/13

1-1:30pm ET: Interior Design’s “Product Tour with Eldorado Stone,” hosted by Helene Oberman, produced in partnership with Eldorado Stone

1:30-2:00pm ET: Luxe Interiors + Design’s “Master Class with Joy Moyler,” hosted by Pam Jaccarino

Wednesday 4/14

1-1:07pm ET: “Imagine a Place: Anna Shaw,” presented by OFS

1:07-1:22pm ET: “Imagine a Place: Deep Dive: Anna Shaw Children’s Institute,” presented by OFS

Thursday 4/15

1:00-2:30pm ET: A Metropolis Think Tank: “Designing a Global Real Estate Portfolio for a Changing Workplace,” hosted by HOK, sponsored by GroheTrendwayNationalMaterial BankSunbrellaIWBIMannington


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