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On-trend woodgrains, metals, and acrylic surfaces from Formica Corporation are the perfect fit for today’s commercial interiors.

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In an uncertain world, there is greater pressure than ever on our interior spaces to both comfort and delight us. As such, trends like natural woodgrains, warm metal accents, and trans- lucent surfaces are top of mind for architects and designers looking to create spaces that evoke a sense of wellbeing while leaving room for excitement. Formica Corporation, a company with more than 100 years of experience developing innovative surfaces, is answering designers’ calls.

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With an updated selection of woodgrain laminates, including 16 new looks, Formica Corporation offers the perennially popular look of species such as Elm, Cherry, Oak, Walnut, and Ash, in light-toned stains and neutral browns that evoke Scandinavian-style minimalism.

“The trend of more neutral stained colors is important,” explains managing principal at Formica North America Design, Renee Hytry Derrington who designed the new collections with her team. “We talked with design professionals extensively to learn what they needed as we put together this collection. These products have the warmth of wood but add the benefits of durability, cleanability, and realism for which laminate is known.”

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Designers have long been drawn to the sophistication and luxury of metal, but its cost and weight can be prohibitive. In response, Formica Corporation has added a variety of warm and patinaed metals to its popular DecoMetal® Metal Laminate line. Made from lightweight aluminum, metal foil, or metal-look laminate, they make it easier than ever to achieve these popular looks. “In addition to adding classic gold, brass, and champagne tones, we’re excited to add options with unique weathered patina and even rolled steel with an oiled look,” says Hytry Derrington.

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While woods and metals call to mind the comfort and simplicity of traditional building materials, Formica Corporation’s EverformTM Solid Surface is ideal for sleek and modern designs. Hytry Derrington’s team developed the acrylic solid surfacing material into a range of expressive terrazzos as well as ethereal patterns such as Tumbled Glass and Gamma Gray, neutrals inspired by natural phenomena that use sheer and semi-opaque resins to create a serene visual effect.

In our current moment, laid-back surfaces that are a breeze to maintain are key to creating an environment that puts people at ease. Developed with acute awareness of commercial interior designers’ needs and today’s trends, these new products do just that. “In recent years everybody in office design has been looking to bring the comforts of home into the office. These products feel right for the casual blending of work and home,” Hytry Derrington explains.

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