The Top 5 Rooms in Sweden’s ICEHOTEL

Located just 124 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the hotel's rooms are designed by artists and crafted with ‘snice’ (snow and ice).
sweden ice hotel top rooms

The hotel rooms are made with 2,500 tons of ice harvested from the Torne River. The process starts in March when the ice is placed into storage. In October, the rooms are built. By April, the ice is returned to the river. Asaf Kliger

Nothing says winter quite like the ICEHOTEL in Sweden. Set in the northern town of Jukkasjärvi, just 124 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the hotel’s rooms are designed by artists and crafted with ‘snice’ (snow and ice). Every year the hotel is created anew: It’s constructed in the Fall then disassembled in Spring when its icy building blocks are returned to the river where they were harvested.

For this year’s 29th edition of the ICEHOTEL, 34 artists from 13 countries were invited to carve 15 unique, nature-themed suites. As the hotel’s director Arne Bergh tells Metropolis: “Water, nature, the environment and ecology, are always present in our selection of artists and designs,” he says. “In the jury, we try to get a variety in expressions, from figurative to abstract, conceptual and architectural.”

Until April 13, roughly 50,000 guests will flock north to sleep in sub-zero weather (and maybe get married, as there’s also an ice chapel). From this year’s hotel—which features an ice-made aquarium to the Canadian countryside—here are our picks for its top five rooms.

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