DuPont™ Tedlar™ Unveils Beautiful and Resilient Wallcoverings

DuPont™ Tedlar™ Wallcoverings offers holistic and complete solutions for all types of spaces.

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Collaborating with architects and designers gives Tedlar™ Wallcoverings an edge above the rest.

Surfaces matter. Architects and designers know this well, and DuPont with its new collection of wallcoverings, has them covered. Always deploying world-class engineering, DuPont has long kept a clear-eyed focus on three qualities in all their Tedlar™ wallcovering services: expert design, top industry certifications, and a personalized distribution model. By involving designers and architects early in the prototyping process, the DuPont team is able to quickly gauge just which specifications a project may require, to better tailor products to custom needs. This means their wallcoverings showcase an extensive palette, drawing on an unusually broad spectrum of colors and varied set of patterns.

Tedlar™ Wall coverings are resilient to industrial cleaning and maintenance without compromising on the aesthetic demands of the space.

Architect Joe Matis and designer Roberta Peco-Matis of MPM Studio in New Jersey said they felt “inspired” when they saw DuPont’s clear commitment to “superior resilience and durability” in its new offerings. As leaders in the casino and hospitality design industry, who also work on health care and corporate projects, with expertise across a range of commercial settings, the duo is uniquely able to judge which coverings genuinely pop and stand out from the crowd.

“We felt honored to be involved in the design and color discussion,” the pair told Metropolis, of the process leading up to the unveiling of the new materials, which involved considerable consultation with working architects and designers. “The 2019 selections really challenge technology to create more unique patterns and interesting textures.”

Designer Roberta Peco-Matis and Architect Joe Matis, Partners at MPM Studio LLC, are leaders in the casino and hospitality design industry.

Through choice of materials, processes, and products, DuPont Tedlar Wallcoverings also distinguishes its products from others on the market by taking extra measures to meet in-door air quality requirements. That means, architects and designers can earn LEED points and simultaneously satisfy customer demand for cleaner air.

DuPont’s best-in-the-industry standards have led to such high-flight certifications as GREENGUARD Gold from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a third-party certifier of product and sustainability claims. The lab screened the wallcoverings for chemical emissions from more than 10,000 volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and found the material contributes to healthier indoor air in offices, medical facilities and schools, in addition to being mold resistant.

All patterns, textures and colors are designed to simulate natural materials.

With availability in Type II wallcovering with Type III characteristics, DuPont™ Tedlar™ Wallcoverings are easy to clean and provide stain resistance and durability, all with the modern, fashion forward aesthetics today’s designers want. The wallcoverings are long-lasting and protective against wear and tear that site owners even save on repainting and maintenance costs.

Finally, the company’s service model features a personal touch. By having a premier sourcing partner in Endure Walls, a node in a far-reaching network, DuPont™ Tedlar™ is able to simplify logistics to streamline delivery and distribution, while staying authentic and highly communicable with clients. This high-touch, reliable character appeals to brand owners, designers, architects, and contractors alike.

The surface of Tedlar™ Wallcoverings resists mold or bacteria growth; an important feature that helps ensure immaculate hygiene.

Inside and out, the new set of wallcoverings comprise a triple-threat solution for any project, with their fantastic design, sustainability, and thoughtful delivery to your (project site’s) door.

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