A Natural Landscape for Today’s Workplace

JP Lounge, a modular collection from Davis Furniture, offers flexibility and residential-inspired comfort.

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The latest collaboration between London-based designer Jonathan Prestwich and North Carolina-based Davis Furniture, JP Lounge provides designers with the flexibility to meet a wide variety of workplace needs. Courtesy Davis Furniture

Designing modular collections for today’s workplace is increasingly complex. Contemporary offices need to blend shared and solo spaces into a seamless whole. The work environment needs to feel like home yet also support maximum productivity and innovation. Individual components need to offer designers a medley of potential configurations yet somehow speak in the same visual language. And then there’s that part of the workforce logging in from home, and all those blended physical and digital interactions that have become our new ways of connecting.

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Jonathan Prestwich

“We’ve moved a long way from thinking that simply sitting at a desk all day and working will make you productive,” says London-based designer Jonathan Prestwich about JP Lounge, his latest modular collection for Davis Furniture. “Now more than ever, we understand the need for a variety of work settings—for a private phone call, to host a virtual conference, or to foster an impromptu conversation or meeting. What’s new in JP Lounge is that it allows these spaces to integrate together to support our diverse needs.”

Launched this past August, JP Lounge is a further iteration of Prestwich’s preceding Q5 and Q6 modular lounge collections created for Davis. “Throughout the past decade, Davis and I have been exploring the many types of social interactions, and how lounge collections can support them.” says Prestwich, “JP Lounge is a generational evolution of our collaborations.”

JP Lounge’s cohesive modular lounge system features backless and backed benches available with optional 50-inch privacy screens. Seating components rest on a sleek extruded aluminum base in powder coated finishes. JP Lounge’s home-like comfort and tailored upholstery are a result of its supportive webbing under multi-density foam. Integrated power and wireless charging units have been paired with connecting and freestanding tables to enrich the lexicon. JP Lounge’s 120-degree units allude to the legacy of Prestwich’s aforementioned collections while rounding out this new series.

The sum of these elements provides designers the flexibility they need to meet a wide variety of workplace needs. “JP Lounge’s distilled elements made development and production a little more complicated,” Prestwich says. “But these design details make things so much simpler and interesting for the end-user.” For Prestwich, designer of several award-winning products for Davis Furniture, JP Lounge is a natural progression in modular design and the ever-changing landscape of today’s workplace.

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