With Office Furniture, How Flexible Should You Go?

Too little and you’re boxed in; too much and you’re overwhelmed. Brian Wilson of Pair sets the record straight on how much is just right.
Pair Furniture

The San Francisco–based manufacturer Pair’s kit of parts allows interiors to flex to accommodate changing teams and evolving equipment needs. Here, their Swing system can be changed to add acoustic panels, hanging plants, and sit-stand desks. Courtesy Pair

If Goldilocks were a 21st-century working woman, she might find Pair’s office furniture just right. The San Francisco–based manufacturer, founded in 2017, collaborates with its clients to create design solutions for fast-growing companies whose needs are continually changing.

Pair’s collection encompasses four major typologies: workstations, conference or coffee tables, storage, and desk accessories, such as a bento box–size charging system. Clients can customize these according to their tastes, with a number of finishes and materials available, or work with Pair to craft bespoke solutions outside the brand’s current offerings.

Swing by Pair

With Swing, a clever railing system lets users hang up whatever the day calls for. Courtesy Pair

Inspired by Scandinavian manufacturers such as Hem, the company aims to humanize the workplace by allowing just enough personalization, says cofounder Brian Wilson. “If you offer too much flexibility, then it is overwhelming,” he notes. “What we’ve arrived at is a finite number of options that are assembled in ways that the designer can really put their own signature on.”

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