Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine April 2005


Light Tiles

SmartSlab LED panels flaunt superior graphics for everything from small-scale interiors to billboards.

A Smorgasbord of Young Italian Architects

When Americans in the architecture scene look abroad, their focus too often lands on the same celebrity practitioners. In Italy, their gaze falls on Renzo Piano (although some also see Massimilano Fuksas not far in the distance). But what if we could put on special glasses, ones that could dim the blinding brightness of starchitects in the post-Bilbao universe? What…

Desktop Comet

Richard Sapper—designer of the legendary Tizio lamp—has created a new task lamp, the Halley, using LED technology.

Light Years

From the patenting of the incandescent lightbulb in the nineteenth century to the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of light-emitting polymers (PLEDs) in 2000, new technologies have long challenged designers to refine the task lamp. In this time line we present eight of the innovative task lamps of the twentieth century. Among them are an early example of glass used as an…

Instant City

Work has begun on a huge project in South Korea. KPF looks to plan and build a $25 billion town of 100,000 people—in ten years.

Night Lights

When archrivals begin sharing a Munich soccer stadium, it will be the glowing facade that lets fans know who’s up.

Safe Harbor

Young Danish architects create a wavy structure that reclaims a polluted waterfront site for the community.

Read Me

When architects Gisue and Mojgan Hariri needed digital material embedded into bodysuits—to be displayed on mannequins of themselves at the January 2005 Milan Triennial exhibition Dressing Ourselves—they turned to James Clar, a New York-based lighting designer whom Gisue describes as a “twenty-first-century artisan.” His solution, Flexgrid, is a bendable low-resolution panel that displays patterns and emoticons. The Hariris wanted Flexgrid…