Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine April 2006


Kroloff’s Kudos

We’ve received a flurry of e-mails in response to Reed Kroloff’s article, Black Like Me. Below are excerpts from readers’ e-mails who cheer Kroloff’s commentary. Opposing viewpoints can be found here. ** Thank you, Mr. Kroloff, for your article. Growing up in New Orleans and Metairie I understand the feelings of the city and its various populace groups. When my…

Putting It Together

In the past 25 years we’ve identified some pieces of the sustainability puzzle. It’s time to find the rest and make the picture clear.

25 Years Of Design Thinking

For our 25th anniversary issue we decided to reflect on some of the defining moments in the design world since 1981, when Metropolis was founded. These were watershed events that not only still mean something to us today but also project potential futures for the way we live, the spaces we inhabit, the objects we use every day, and even…