Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine April 2009


A New Dutch Settlement

The House of Blue is the main attraction at Droog’s new 5,000-square-foot store in New York. You might find yourself wondering what exactly it is—even after a visit to the space. The ever-morphing display can be purchased in part or as a whole, but it’s also a loose model for interior elements that can be customized (the shape, form, and…

Shades of Green

Plenty of retailers are trotting out their green credentials lately, but the building-products supplier Green Depot—which opened a new flagship store in Manhattan two months ago—distinguishes itself with its rigorous transparency. Each item in its diverse stock is labeled with detailed environmental information. And since there frequently isn’t a single perfect choice for a given product, informed customers can select…

The New Look of Luxury

Flouting the five-star mentality, Rabih Hage designs a unique
London hotel around the refreshing premise that the best experiences cannot be standardized.

Natural Selections

With the earth seeming more fragile by the minute, many people are looking for ways to reconnect with the natural environment and behave in more eco-friendly ways. Product design can help, whether through a giant fan that gently cools a room, an umbrella that lets you enjoy the outdoors without the UV damage, or a beautiful wool rug that reminds…

Aging Gracefully

The shifting demographics here in the United States, and in Europe, are producing bathrooms that defy the traditional trappings of old age.

Kitchen Aid

Trying to save money by cooking at home? Investing in the right equipment can ease the burden.

Unsung Heroes

The low-key firm of Bentel & Bentel could be the most famous restaurant designers you’ve never heard of. That may change with their newest creation, Rouge Tomate.

Young Blood

Fritz Hansen produced some of the 20th century’s most iconic pieces. Now the company turns to a new designer for fresh ideas on the 21st-century chair.

Two-Man Band

An American designer and his Japanese collaborator prepare to take on the big contract-furniture companies, pretty much all by themselves.

The Art of Collaboration

Still flush from receiving an AIA Collaborative Achievement award, the photographer Peter Aaron discusses the complexities of working with architects.

A Rehabbed Center

With an inspired new adolescent facility, a Massachusetts school at last has architecture befitting the spirit of its mission.

Dutch Treat

­A pavilion honoring the settlers of Lower Manhattan provides a fresh opportunity to Ben van Berkel.

Local Flavor

A working-class community in Rotterdam gets an economic boost, thanks to an ingenious snack truck.