Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine August 2003


<i>Metropolis</i> Honor Roll

Look upon these proud young faces, gazing confidently into the future. They’ve worked hard these past years, and now they’re ready to put their hard-won knowledge to the test. What hopes, what dreams, what proud accomplishments and dazzling careers lie in front of these eager graduates? You may already know. For our education issue, Metropolis has gathered high school and…

Art Center: Project 2050

Freeman Thomas, class of 1983, is one of Art Center’s many celebrated car designers. Cocreator (with fellow alumnus J Mays) of the Volkswagen Beetle and designer of the hugely influential Audi TT, Thomas now runs DaimlerChrysler’s Pacifica design studio, an innovative lab responsible for concept cars and what he calls “all the advanced architecture.” Every year a corporation or a…

Getting Centered

Looking to reach a larger community, Art Center College of Design hatches an audacious plan for a second campus—and a higher profile.

Design Education

Most articles on the subject start with a simple, almost knee-jerk, premise: education is “in crisis.” We hear about it most when it’s most troubled. Design education is different. It is specialized and diffuse: some programs are cutting-edge, others are struggling; some disciplines are reinventing themselves, others are mired in old ways of thinking. So while we won’t generalize about…

Mellow Yellow

Taking a cue from P.S.1, Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art lightens up with a chill-out pavilion for summer.

Gimme Shelter

Home/Life gives homeless kids a camera—and a fitting place to show the work that results.

Public Eye

Sarah Williams Goldhagen says Americans would get better architecture if our schools taught us how to look at it.