Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine August 2003


<i>Metropolis</i> Honor Roll

Look upon these proud young faces, gazing confidently into the future. They’ve worked hard these past years, and now they’re ready to put their hard-won knowledge to the test. What hopes, what dreams, what proud accomplishments and dazzling careers lie…

Art Center: Project 2050

Freeman Thomas, class of 1983, is one of Art Center’s many celebrated car designers. Cocreator (with fellow alumnus J Mays) of the Volkswagen Beetle and designer of the hugely influential Audi TT, Thomas now runs DaimlerChrysler’s Pacifica design studio, an…

Getting Centered

Looking to reach a larger community, Art Center College of Design hatches an audacious plan for a second campus—and a higher profile.

Design Education

Most articles on the subject start with a simple, almost knee-jerk, premise: education is “in crisis.” We hear about it most when it’s most troubled. Design education is different. It is specialized and diffuse: some programs are cutting-edge, others are…

Mellow Yellow

Taking a cue from P.S.1, Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art lightens up with a chill-out pavilion for summer.

Gimme Shelter

Home/Life gives homeless kids a camera—and a fitting place to show the work that results.

Public Eye

Sarah Williams Goldhagen says Americans would get better architecture if our schools taught us how to look at it.