Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine August 2005


Building Block

By rendering the most basic urban element vertically, MVRDV gives rise to a distinctive housing model.

Tending The Herd

At a farm in rural Holland, Claudy Jongstra raises sheep, revives the ancient art of felting, and creates singular textiles.

The Peace Maker

As he works on the landscape at the de Young museum in San Francisco, observers wonder: can Walter Hood bridge the divide between public space and in-your-face architecture?

The New Generation Gap

Digitally savvy students learn differently than their analogue-trained professors are prepared to teach them. How do we bridge the divide?

Well Heeled

“I design my shoes like chairs,” Julia Lundsten says. “The heels are like the chair legs; and the leather uppers, where you place your foot, are like seats.” The Finnish designer is the daughter of an architect and an interior designer, and her desire to work with structural elements led her to study footwear rather than couture. Lundsten feels it…

Urban Oasis

A commercial corridor in Phoenix promises better sales for merchants—and shade for pedestrians.

The Insiders

Metropolis introduces five emerging interior design practices reshaping space and redefining the creative process.

Surprise Fillings

Materially speaking, there’s great variety at Café Darclée—a new Seattle spot serving crepes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. “The concept came from the simple structure of the crepe itself: flour, egg, and water,” says Julia Sandetskaya, of local interior architecture studio MusaDesign. “When you combine a crepe with interesting fillings, it creates unexpected fusions. So we decided to use materials…