Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine August 2006


Born Again

At Modernlink’s ICFF booth, a chair of leather and steel spun slowly atop a slender pole. The display announced the return of Scimitar, a design that had been shelved for 22 years. A collaboration between architect Preben Fabricius, who died in 1984, and 75-year old Jørgen Kastholm, Scimitar was originally unveiled at the Copenhagen Museum of Industrial Arts in 1963….

Sharp Vac

One of Karim Rashid’s latest consumer creations is a mysterious-looking 18-inch-tall plastic cone that proves, on inspection, to be a Dust Buster. Fortunately the Dirt Devil vacuum—dubbed the Kone—is not just an amusing conceit but a smart piece of industrial design. The shape grew out of Rashid’s idea of slotting the vacuum vertically in a wide charging base; the tapering…

Budding Ambition

Having recently completed high-profile retail interiors in China, SURV now has its sights set on big structural projects.


“I like that design can be something more than just making new products,” Hella Jongerius says of Beads & Pieces, a collaboration between Artecnica and Aid to Artisans in Peru that aims to improve the country’s economic conditions through the manufacturing and distribution of local crafts. Black clay and beadwork are indigenous to the region, but the pink-on-black color scheme…

Ice Cream, You Scream

“I’m not an ice-cream guy,” says Jim Baxter, the technologist behind the design of the MooBella vending machine (, which churns out a 4.5-ounce cup in 45 seconds. “But it’s fun to watch consumers at the machine. Before they touch a button they’re laughing. As they pick flavors and mix-ins they really laugh. When they get it they scream.” Operating…

Ship Shape

Of industrial designer Denise DeLong’s new Ceramic Boat Cleats you might wonder: What the hell’s a boat cleat? But even the most nautically challenged can enjoy her sleek reinterpretation of the brass mooring hardware. The cleats not only look cool but also make excellent pegs for your snorkel, goggles, lifejacket, harpoon, and shark repellent. Or you can just use them…

Go Team!

HOK Sport’s Dennis Wellner describes his partnership with Peter Eisenman on the design of the new Arizona Cardinals stadium in Phoenix.

Reviving the Plan

An enlightened real estate broker lovingly restores a Paul Rudolph house with the goal of preserving a masterpiece—and making a profit.

Prime Time

Having just completed a Midtown steakhouse, New York downtown darlings AvroKO are set to reach a wider audience.

Paying Proper Homage

A Modern preservationist and the original architect of his 1950s house collaborate on a new landscape that honors the spirit of the past without slavishly reproducing it.