Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine August 2010


Water Dreams

Inspired by Axor’s open-ended brief, four internationally renowned designers reenvision the most intimate room in the home.

Great Good Places

New restaurants that look like they’ve been part of their neighborhoods forever all share a subtle but ambitious social agenda: to create and celebrate community.

Jamie Drake

talks about the impeccable taste of Angelo Donghia, statement-making design, and 19th-century candlesticks.

The Eustachian Restaurant

It’s a desperate attempt to avoid confronting the solemn act of eating: the violence involved in the killing of living things and the brutish discharge of biological need.

Random Acts of Architecture

By combining classic modernism with a less predictable approach, the San Francisco–based firm Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architects creates the ultimate art collectors’ house.

Beneath the Surface

There have been houses that are nothing more than a glass outline on the landscape, gossamer bridges that appear to be spun from silk, and planes as slender as arrows. So why not an equally sleek bathroom sink? Enter Betty…

Abracadabra: Lasagna!

Alexander Pelikan may have been commissioned to show off Arpa’s gourmet-worthy laminates, but what he delivered is a metaphor for cooking, which the German designer says can reach magical heights when the right choices are made. Recognizing that the kitchen…