Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine December 2005


Growth Potential?

Now home to an influx of refugees from New Orleans, Baton Rouge—and its new planning agenda—is being put to a very real test.

Replacing Home

A visit to the site of her childhood home—and the tragedy in New Orleans—has our columnist thinking about how we rebuild as a society.

Flash Light

For creative people in need of a flash of inspiration, Mark McKenna has created the Designer Emulation Kit, a little battery-powered light that mimics three iconic lamps—the Castigliones’ Arco, Richard Sapper’s Tizio, and Ingo Maurer’s Lucellino. For each version a small circuit board is CNC milled to create three stylized parts that the user snaps off a template, fits together,…

March Of The Penguins

The legendary British publisher has in recent years undergone a resurgence led by smart design and an inspired in-house team.

Place Setting

“The Brooklyn Bridge is so compelling—it has been inspiring designers and artists since it was erected,” says Jennifer Carpenter, of Truck Product Architecture. A walk across the iconic structure spurred Carpenter to design her Bridges dinnerware collection, just released by Studio Nova. The pattern formed by the bridge’s crisscrossing steel cables became the modern motif encircling her porcelain plates, bowls,…