Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine December 2005


Welcome Restraint

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, something strange happened: architects kept their mouths shut and their hands off their pens.

Portal to Fame

A new hotel in Madrid—featuring a roster of big names—serves as a kind of interior design theme park.

Growth Potential?

Now home to an influx of refugees from New Orleans, Baton Rouge—and its new planning agenda—is being put to a very real test.

Replacing Home

A visit to the site of her childhood home—and the tragedy in New Orleans—has our columnist thinking about how we rebuild as a society.

Flash Light

For creative people in need of a flash of inspiration, Mark McKenna has created the Designer Emulation Kit, a little battery-powered light that mimics three iconic lamps—the Castigliones’ Arco, Richard Sapper’s Tizio, and Ingo Maurer’s Lucellino. For each version a small circuit board is CNC milled to create three stylized parts that the user snaps off a template, fits together,…

March Of The Penguins

The legendary British publisher has in recent years undergone a resurgence led by smart design and an inspired in-house team.