Metropolis Magazine - Metropolis Magazine December 2008


Raw Ground

­The new Pentagon Memorial addresses the events of 9/11 by honoring each of the victims that died there that day.

Gehry in a Box

You’d have to pay thousands of dollars to sit in your own Frank Gehry–designed Experi­mental Edges club chair, but Frank Gehry: On Line, a new title from the Princeton Univer­sity Art Museum ($29.95), comes in a similarly constructed corrugated-cardboard case and can be had for a much smaller price. The book collects the last 20 years of the architect’s hand…

Modernism on Wheels

Alexander Girard’s colorful, folksy midcentury patterns have adorned everything from children’s toy blocks and Anna Sui dresses to sofas for Herman Miller (where he headed the textiles department under the Eameses). But the vivid designs have never looked quite as zippy as they do on Electra Bicycle Company’s two new versions of its popular Amsterdam model. Each women’s bike features…

Off the Grid

­A New Yorker’s minimalist landscape paintings draw on elemental forms of the built environment.

Bertjan Pot

Bertjan Pot talks about his job, what he’s embarrassed about, and his Sellotape collection—using his thumbs.

Change Is In the Air

In one of An Inconvenient Truth’s crucial scenes, Al Gore chases the earth’s rising carbon-dioxide levels in a mechanical lift. Visitors to Climate Change: The Threat to Life and a New Energy Future, at the American Museum of Natural History, will feel similarly stretched. The first exhibit, a 400-year time line of industrial milestones, is bisected by a red LED…

A New Old Thread

At this month’s Design Miami, tapestry, that fusty realm of unicorns and Renaissance battles, is staging a comeback. The exhibition Demons, Yarns and Tales—an unusual collaboration between 15 artists and Banners of Persuasion, a spin-off of the Rug Company—offers a contemporary take on a stor­ied art form. Christopher Sharp, who founded both companies with his wife, Suzanne, explains that much…

Boomtown Blues

­Recent trips to Dubai and Shanghai have our columnist pondering how Jane Jacobs might react to these unbridled cities.

Surface Treatment

Despite a nod to 1970s craft, Sam Buxton’s knotted interior for a new London bar echoes his high-tech approach to products.